10 Tips That Will Sell Your eBay Auctions

1. Title. Your first step to selling your item. The default search method only scans auction titles, so make sure you use a good title. An effective auction title uses keywords that potential bidders use to search listings, solves a problem, makes a reader curious to know more and is simple and easy to read and understand. Include your item’s brand name, artist, or designer. State exactly what your item is. If you are still confused then do a search on eBay for the item you are about to sell. Save those listing that appear most interesting on your eyes and combine something similar for your auction.

2. Date and Time of Auction end. Where are you selling, what is the location of potential buyers? Be sure your auction is not ending at the time when most buyers are asleep. This is an important aspect, be sure to check your targetet market first, then make your choice.

3. Use a Subtitle. It might seem unimportant at first glance. But a good subtitle is gonna wake up more interest in buyers and thus sell your item at a higher price.

4. Add Some photos. Get a good camera with 5 Million megapixels. Be as professional with the pictures as you can be, background is important, make sure the light is properly adjusted for item you are about to photograph. If you are taking a photo outside in the sun, a good location is if the sun is at 3 O’Clock, while the item is 12 O’Clock and you are 6 O’Clock. So not ahead and not behind you, but at your side. The angles are important too. Take pictures from up, below, aside, horizontal. Be as creative as possible.

5. Never use Reserve Price. Online dealing and auctions include a big portion of thrust between a seller and a buyer. Buyer wants you to be honest with them, but the Price reserved button says there is some secrecy involved. One way of engendering trust, is to remove as much of the mystery from the auction as possible. Believe me it distracts and turns off buyers. If you are concerned about your item not selling high, use a higher starting price, but never use Reserve!

6. Add an Interactive Picture Gallery to your Listings (Image that is next to the title and appears right in search results). Remember you have to make a good first impression.

7. Describe your item properly. Do some research in the item you are about to sell. Add descriptive information, make your listing stand out! Use listing designer or some other auction template, you must have your listing pretty. Experiment with fonts, font sizes and colors

8. When talking about the item, mention what the merchandise you are selling can do for the buyer. What is he going to benefit if he has it? The buyer is most important, remember that. You can also use the time and quantity trick. Say you only have limited quantities, they only have X chances or X time to buy the item. People get scared if they think something is out of reach or to late to hold on too.

9. Maintain your feedback. If you are having issues with a buyer try to resolve the problem in a positive way. Buyers always look at feedbacks and if they suspect you are not honest they will go and take their bussines elsewhere.

10. Don’t use an overprotective or off turning Terms and Conditions Policy. A buyer will get scared of getting sued if you are trying to protect yourself with every law possible.

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