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Local Search Marketing Helps Auto Repair Shops Increase Business

Increase revenue and generate more sales for your automotive repair business using… Local Search Marketing and Customer Financing.Here are 4 easy methods that are successfully used by auto repair shops.Increase revenue and use these simple techniques to have your shop recognized as “one of the best in your area” within weeks. Here’s an inexpensive and very effective way to increase exposure to locals.Most local consumers are looking for a repair shop that is “one of the best in their area”.Who wants to drive for miles to a mechanic that they feel is good when there is one right in their neighborhood?Let people know that you are one of the best and chances are they will give you a try now it’s up to you to keep them coming back by “proving” that you are what you say.The secret is in how you let them know. It has to be powerful and believable in order to be effective.First, it’s important to understand how – do – “local” consumers find you? Seems like a fairly simple question.Are they looking for your ads in phone books and coupons in newspapers?If so, remember these three words, I will be repeating them often. Local Search Marketing.Question:

When was the last time you used the phone book instead of – or before searching the Internet?97% of consumers use the Internet to research products or services in their “local” area!

If a “local consumer” does a Bing, Google or Yahoo search for your specialty, (by typing keywords that people normally use to find “your” specialty into the search box) will your website show up on page one? On the second page? How about the third?Here is a fact; most Internet searchers will not look further than page two. So, if your website is somewhere in the maze of “national and local” websites on page 50 the chances are that potential customer will not find your website.90% of those consumers use search results as compared to 48% using yellow pages. In addition, most of those will make a “buying decision” based on their Internet search results.Now I know if you do have a website – you probably spent a small fortune to get it “developed”,BUT… IS IT BRINGING YOU NEW BUSINESS?Local Search Marketing, here is the first step to using search marketing to increase revenue for your shop.1. To increase revenue one of the most effective and “affordable” ways to get “local” consumers to find your website is improve your website’s “local” search ranking. I’m not talking about some expensive “pay-per-click” deal that will cost a fortune. I know it sounds simple but this actually involves a “process” that can get your website positioned on page one or two of local Internet search results. Local Search Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are going to be the key. Increase revenues by using this simple strategy and a company that specializes in achieving prominent placement of websites in local searches you should see results in weeks. But we suggest you go further than that, to help, you can also get working capital loans for advertising. But here’s a great place to start!GET YOUR FREE LISTING in City Directory On Line Business Directory provides an easy to use business directory without intrusive advertising. City Directory On Line is the only patent pending, simple to use, local city online business directory of its kind. And it’s ALREADY ranked and placed on page one of Google search. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s a free listing.In addition to getting better placement we recommend a full blown “testimonial page” with some of your best customers sharing their positive experiences. People love to see their testimonials in newspapers, on the Internet or almost anywhere, so let your customers know that their testimonial will be on your site.What this does is “validates” your shop, not that you need it but for this method it will help. Remember, most consumers make their buying decisions based on their Internet search results. So when they find your site we want your happy customers to also tell a great story about your shop. But there’s more!!!!2. When trying to increase revenue the one thing I find to be most troubling to customers is the “perception” that many mechanics are not completely honest people. The truth is most mechanics are honest but when a customer has a bad experience with a mechanic that they “think” ripped them off, they can’t wait to share that experience with anyone within earshot. So what I have found is that when a mechanic or auto shop is able to establish a reputation as an honest shop the word of mouth advertising results in an almost immediate uptick in new customers. Why? Simple, everyone is looking for a mechanic they can trust, and people like to “brag” that they have a great mechanic. Increased revenue is obviously the result.Local search marketing has been used as a very simple but effective method of helping mechanics who want to promote their shop to “local” consumers. Contact us below and ask for details. This method will help you get local customers that are searching the Internet for good mechanics in their area. And remember, word of mouth combined with good, effective advertising are a key to getting them into your shop, what you do next is important to keeping them and having them spread the word about you.3. We all know that working on autos is NOT the cleanest job. I’ve been in shops where customers will bring in cars that have never had soap and water anywhere near it. So you know already that the engine has never been cleaned – and there is oil and grime, – OK you get the picture. But with as much grease and grime as there is in this business, the busiest shops usually seem to be the ones with a fresh and clean reception and waiting area. But this is very important: The restrooms are always the cleanest! Why? Research shows that in most “two-car” families more women bring in cars for repairs. It could be because many have small children and they may be home more and available to “bring the car in for service. So keeping the waiting area and restroom neat and clean could make a world of difference.Many customers just feel that a clean shop is a better shop, whether that is in fact true or not is not important. What is important is that the customer feels that it is. Now, think about the impact that will have when you “PROMOTE” – on your website – that your shop has impeccably clean waiting area and restrooms.Short-term working capital loans can help shops change their entire “image” for customers by helping the owners finance the remodeling or furnishing of the customer waiting area and restrooms. The loans are funded within 5 days and were based on the shops “future VISA/MasterCard sales”. The increased revenue allowed the loan to be repaid in the 6 to 12 month term of the finance agreement. When you consider the ROI of the borrowed money it truly is a “no brainer” to use the funds to improve the business and generate more sales.4. Provide Customer Financing. There are many different ways and programs available. What you want is a program that allows you to get your money without waiting 30/60 or 90 days for payment. There is a program where your shop receives payment in 3 days with NO RECOURSE and you can offer your customers 90 NO CREDIT CHECK and NO INTEREST financing with instant approvals.According to the most recent statistics many consumers in “today’s tough economy” are financially unable to pay “immediately” for and emergency. Their credit cards are maxed or FICO is low so borrowing money is often not an option. That emergency could be anything from an unexpected $1500-$3000 auto repair to a medical or pet emergency. And even those driving expensive luxury automobiles could very well be having slow business or other financial issues, so don’t assume they won’t benefit from 90 CUSTOMER FINANCING also.